Dentist and Leader: Inspiring Excellence - The Book

  • 20 new dental faculties to be added in the US by 2020!
  • + Melting middle class
  • + Expensive new technologies
  • = It will only get tougher for dentists!

More than ever, leadership will become an asset!

Ask yourself this question: How much time and money have you spent, over the past 5 years, developing your dental clinic leadership skills?

This book is a must-read for you!

Become a more complete leader, better use your emotional intelligence, raise your team’s level of play, and obtain remarkable results…in your career and in your life!

In reality, a skilled leader is able to get their team to increase their level of play in order to obtain remarkable results. To do so, they succeed in dealing with their emotions and those of their team members so that they work effectively as a team and to their full potential.

This book is for dentists who want to be more successful in their careers and in their lives.

Take a couple of minutes to look over this remarkable book, written specifically for dentists.




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