Dentist and Leader: Inspiring Excellence - Testimonials

Being a good leader is a life-long process. I knew I was a good leader, but thanks to the practical and effective tools presented in this book, I succeeded in raising my level of leadership, and today I am an emotionally conscientious leader. As such, I can deal better deal with reality and have more fun. It’s one of the best gifts I’ve received in life.

J. Beaudoin, DMD

I particularly enjoyed reading this book. I was able to integrate and apply the notions found in it, which made a real difference in both my personal and professional life.

I. Deschesne, DMD

Testimonials: Dentist and Leader Workshop (based on the book)

France Brouillard and Jacques Marois have developed a friendly approach, refreshing and dynamic in dealing with problems faced by every dentist – how to create passion and success while remaining human and developing oneself. Bravo!

Dr. Alain Leduc

France and Jacques, thank you for passionately communicating your leadership vision. You’ve helped me develop the vision that I need for my career, and helped me take the first steps in achieving it. I really believe that your “Dentist and Leader” files will become part of my daily routine.

Dr. Julie G., Dentist

Your training session (based on the book Dentist and Leader: Inspiring Excellence) helped me find and understand my inner leader, something I wasn’t able to do in the past. I now have the tools to create and implement my vision, even if I work on commission. From a personal perspective, your content helped me clarify my wants and my priorities, and also focus on my strengths and values as a human being. Your love of life and passion are contagious! Excellent work!

Dr. Julie Moreau, Dentist

Thank you for your excellent training session (based on the book Dentist and Leader: Inspiring Excellence). When I registered, I was already trying to motivate myself to move forward. I needed a gentle push to decide to act. Your class helped me develop my focus. I always had a sort of vision, but it was almost like I had forgotten about it. So I really appreciated your training sessions, and it helped me reaffirm my values. I’m once again proactive!

Dr. Philippe Buu

As managers at the Paris Loft Dental Clinic, this training session (based on the book Dentist and Leader: Inspiring Excellence) provided us with concrete tools we can use to allow us to think about and clarify our needs, our personal and professional ideas.

Sonia Côté and Lyne Tremblay, Dental Clinic Managers

Excellent training session (based on “Dentist and Leader”)! Leadership needs to be continuously developed over time! Thanks to France and Jacques, who provided me with concrete tools to help us get the best from ourselves and those around us!

Dr. Yvan Veillette

A very stimulating course that makes us think and helps identify things that we need to do to be better leaders. It helped up identify what we already do well, and pushes us to be better in what we do poorly. Overall I’m now a better person!

Dr. Christine Thibault

I attended this session on “Dentist and Leader” and expected to find tools to become a better manager. I left full of new ideas and positive energy!

Sylvie Notargiovani

Thank you for these great presentations on “Dentist and Leader”! It’s allowed us to take the time to rethink our objectives and provided us with the energy to drive our dental clinic forward.

Dr. Suzanne Poirier

During this activity on “Dentist and Leader,” I experienced personal growth that allowed me to clarify my goals and my vision and, as such, become a better leader.

I.B., Dentist

Congratulations on the great training session (on “Dentist and Leader”). It helped me clarify my ideas at both the personal level and in how I manage my dental clinic. I am certain that by applying your concepts and suggestions, I’ll be a better mother, spouse, and leader in my dental clinic.

Lucero Trujillo, Dentist

The difference between your training session (on “Dentist and Leader”) and others that I have attended is that you get us to act. Based on the theories, we come out of your sessions full of great intentions and bursting with the warrior spirit, ready to take on anything. Thank you!

François Simard, Manager

I really appreciated your course (on “Dentist and Leader). I learned a lot about my leadership, but also about my own values! It’s useful in both our personal and professional lives. Thank you!

Sophie Dupéré, DMD

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