Lead Your Patients to Say “Yes!” to Their Dental Health - The Book

Finally, a complete book filled with concrete strategies that will help you and your team better deal with objections and increase acceptance rates and the value of accepted treatments.

This book will increase your comfort level when leading your consultations. Above all, it will allow you to better accomplish your mission: improve the dental health of your patients. It’s a must-read for every dental health professional.

The first section of Lead Your Patients to Say “Yes!” to Their Dental Health will help you better understand the double dynamics of treatment acceptance. It is about what is happening in the mind of your patients and, above all, in your own mind! By better understanding these dynamics, you’ll be better able to effectively guide and influence your patients so that they say “yes!” while also raising your standards of professional integrity.

In the second section of the book, you’ll find a series of very simple and efficient strategies to better deal with the main sources of treatment refusal: resignation, money, fear, age, etc. You’ll also discover what to do and say to the patient when they use sentences that kill.





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