Lead Your Patients to Say “Yes!” to Their Dental Health - Testimonials

An excellent tool to become more comfortable managing patient objections! Additionally, the book is easy and enjoyable to read. Congratulations, and thank you for the great insights!

Dr. Jamal El Kabbaj

This book is interesting, simple, and clear. It should become a reference work for dental teams in order to better understand and serve our clients. I strongly recommend it!

Dr. N. Bouchard, DMD

An excellent book to understand the psychology of sales, an aspect of our profession that is often poorly or completely misunderstood. Dentists need to grasp this part of the job if they want to improve their clinic’s performance.

Dr. Pierre Daneault, DMD

This book will allow you to have a better attitude, develop better listening skills, and use more effective strategies during consultations.

Dr. Pierre Couture, DMD

This book opened my mind and provided me with tools for my work, which allowed me to better present my treatment plans…and it also helped me in my daily life!

Lyne Desjardins

It makes us stop and think about how each move and statement we make, as well as the attitude we have, that contribute to the team’s success. It’s a book that should regularly be consulted, increasing our awareness of some of the poor behaviors we adopt. It helps us better understand and guide our patients so that they feel confident. Very well written, easy to read and understand.

Susie Thibeault

Easy to read and understand. Pertinent and useful content. Good examples used to explain the different important theories.

Louis Poirier, DMD

This book effectively presents the realities that each practice experiences every day and opens our eyes to how we can deal with patients in order to take care of their needs while being comfortable with what we offer them. It answers our questions, even those we may not have already thought about.

Dr. Roland Bertrand

In spite of all my years of experience, there are always things I can improve on. Very good content and explanations that help us increase our love of our work.

Lucile, Dental Hygienist

Very well-written and pertinent. I will certainly apply it with all my patients.

Marta, Dental Hygienist

I found this book interesting. It helped me avoid blockages caused by objections, and I now avoid taking them personally. If we believe in what we are saying and we listen, we can ensure that the patient understands that it is for their well-being, and not ours. I really enjoyed it.

Carole Thibeault, Dental Hygienist

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