Your priority is to understand your patient.

The majority of dentists and dental hygienists are convinced that the most important objective in a consultation is that the patient well understands proposed treatments.

Based on our experience, this is wrong! In reality, it is essential that the patient understand their dental situation and the treatments you are presenting them. But it’s much more important that the consultation allow you, the dentist, to understand your patient.

If you don’t understand your patient, how can you offer them, with certainty, what is best for them? Furthermore, if your patient feels understood, they’ll trust you more and will more likely be in a position to accept proposed treatments.

Reading the first chapters of “Lead your Patients to Say Yes!” will have a very positive impact on your consultations.

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It’s not only possible, but preferable for you and your patients!

Salespeople often have a very poor reputation. That is why many dentists don’t want to consider that they are a salesperson or be considered as one by their patients! Yet you want your patients to accept, thus purchase, the best treatments possible for their situation. Whether you accept it or not, that is what sales are!

Reconciling “dental professional ethics” and “being a good salesperson” is not only possible, it’s preferable. Your mission is the dental health of your patients, and you are the only person who can fulfill this mission. It is ethical to try to influence your patients so that they make the best dental choices for themselves.

Of course, you need to understand the sales dynamic and respect high ethical standards in your interactions with your patients. If you are uncomfortable with sales, reading Chapter 2 of “Lead your Patients to Say Yes!” we will help you increase your comfort level in your role as a dental health salesperson.

On its own, this chapter can make a big difference for your dental clinic! Why not invest a couple of dollars to significantly improve your sales?

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It’s easy! Simply ask them what score they would give their dental situation! If they strongly overestimate their score, they are probably resigned.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (where 10 means the best and 1 the worst), resigned patients will probably give themselves a score above 7/10 (good), when, based on your examination, you would give them a 4 or 5/10.

This gap in the score indicates that the patient has gradually adapted over the years to their dental situation, which has probably continued to deteriorate. This adapting process leads to their resignation. They can’t imagine a much better situation for themselves, and their family and friends are probably in the same situation.

With these kinds of resigned patients, your usual presentation strategy will probably not be effective. We’ve developed several strategies that are both effective and innovative. Chapter 7 in “Lead Your Patients to Say Yes!” will provide you with the details of these strategies, which will allow you to obtain better results with resigned patients.

Do you know of any other books that deal with effective strategies for resigned patients? We’re not aware of any! You have resigned patients and you want them to get the best results possible?

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The most effective strategy during a consultation is listening!

Generally speaking, dentists and dental hygienists focus too much on the information that they want to communicate to the patient, and not enough on listening to the patient. However, what people in general, and patients in particular, appreciate the most is the feeling of being listened to and understood, without being judged.

Effective listening is the best shortcut to increasing the effectiveness of your consultations.

The more you adopt effective listening strategies, the better and quicker the results you’ll obtain. The effective management of objectives brought forth by your patients relies on the quality of your listening skills. Several chapters in “Lead your Patients to Say Yes!” deal with this topic. Become a master in effective listening!

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The best strategy is to avoid trying to deal with this objection the moment you hear it!

Dentists that have taken part in training session dealing with this topic have learned different effective strategies, but they should not be used too quickly. For example:

  • You may ask your patient to explain their objection.
  • You may speak to the patient about payment plans that are available.
  • You may offer them an alternative compromise treatment that will be less expensive...

The problem is that, if the patient has more than one objection, it’s normally the money objection that needs to be solved last. If not, you risk wasting your time and that of your patient!

Chapter 8 in “Lead your Patient to Say Yes!” offers you 15 effective strategies to better deal with money objections. Additionally, Chapter 6 will get you to better understand the objection dynamic, and as such become much more comfortable with them.

“Lead your Patients to Say Yes!” is a goldmine of information for your whole team. Take advantage of our lowest price by ordering at least 4 copies of “Lead Your Patients to Say Yes!” for you and your team members. It’s well worth the investment!

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Clearly, the answer is “YES!” When the patient states an objection, they won’t always be talking to the dentist or hygienist, the persons they just spent the last hour with. How many times have they stated it to the secretary, the moment they were supposed to set their next appointment?

The patient can also state a serious objection to the dental assistant during a subsequent appointment, during the time that the dentist is with another patient across the hall.

Acceptance of dental treatments is a concern for the whole team. “Lead Your Patients to Say Yes!” is easy to read and interesting for your whole practice. We offer a discount for our book when you order 4 or more copies for the same dental clinic.

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When a patient says “I’ll think about it…I’ll call you back,” start by understanding what they just told you! They didn’t say no…but they didn’t say yes either!

Dentists, dental hygienists and above all secretaries have all heard this sentence that kills! When you hear these words, it’s a final warning! It’s your last chance to get them to say “yes!”

Very few dental clinics have adopted effective strategies to deal with sentences that kill. Yet these strategies exist!

Chapter 10 in “Lead Your Patients to Say Yes!” contains 5 simple and effective strategies that will allow you to improve your results.

Any member of your team can hear these sentences that kill. So, all your team members have to become more effective in dealing with them!

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