The Authors

A New Vision

For more than 20 years, France Brouillard and Jacques Marois have been working as a team to ensure their clients’ success. Together, they have created and led hundreds of training sessions, principally for business and dental health professionals. They are passionate about human dynamics.

France Brouillard and Jacques Marois are not dentists. This simple fact allows them to step back and take and examine the human dynamics in play in both the consultation room and within dental teams.

Life rarely provides us with the opportunity to meet people that are passionate, honest, and conscientious. But Jacques Marois and France Brouillard fit perfectly into this category. They played a key role in ensuring the success of our dental clinic.

Dr. Stéphane Reinhardt, DMD

Their Books

The contents of the books Lead Your Patients to Say “Yes!” to Their Dental Health and Dentist and Leader: Inspiring Excellence are the result of their vast experience studying the field of dentistry.

As such, the contents of Lead Your Patients to Say “Yes!” to Their Dental Health were developed and systematically improved over a four-year period via consultations with numerous dental teams.

Their book Lead Your Patients to Say “Yes!” to Their Dental Health was written to be accessible for all the members of a dental team. It deals with very concrete situations that occur in a clinic on a daily basis, those dealt with by secretaries, dental assistants, hygienists, or dentists.

The book Dentist and Leader: Inspiring Excellence is for dentists who want to understand what needs to be done in order to become better leaders to increase their success in their dental clinics and in their lives.

A Solid Team!

Jacques Marois and France Brouillard make up an experienced and effective team of coaches and teachers. They share the same vision and values while having very different yet complementary teaching and coaching styles. They are married and have two sons (plus three other sons from Jacques’s previous marriage).

Trying to be successful business professionals while giving priority to their family is something they know a lot about!

Their Mission

Help each dentist perform to their best ability and be successful and happy while becoming a better leader with each of their patients, in their dental team, and in their lives.

Leadership Strategies Adapted to Dentists

It is often not the lack of skill or potential that holds a dentist back from achieving success. Rather, it is their weaknesses in the strategies they use daily with their patients or their teams.

Yet there exist very effective and easy strategies to better deal with most situations experienced by dentists in their clinic and in their lives. Jacques and France know dozens of excellent ones!

A Versatile Team!

To accomplish their mission, they use a variety of tools: books, group training sessions, and individual leadership and strategic coaching.

They remain up-to-date on the newest trends in their field. Their different training sessions integrate the best of the two most important approaches used in coaching: those of Thomas Leonard ( or, where the coach is more of a manager and more interventionist, and those of Dave Ellis’s Life Coaching ( and of the psychologist/coach Dr. Pat Williams (, where the client is at the heart of the creative process.