5 Secrets Every Dental Team Should Know!

60 minute private conference, for you and your team only!

Discover 5 Secrets that will have a huge positive impact in your dental clinic and in your life… as long as you apply them!

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Is this for you?

Private conference for dental clinics that want to improve personal leadership and communication skills within their teams and with their patients.

What you will learn

  1. Discover important aspects about human dynamics, central to personal leadership (the 5 Secrets).

  2. These 5 secrets will allow you to:
    1. Lead more efficiently your patients to implement your advices.
    2. Communicate efficiently with your patients, within your team and in your life.
    3. Create the drive you need to reach your goals at work and in your private life.

Dates and locations

You choose the best date and time for your team. This is a teleconference (via skype, cellphone...)

You pay only $245 (regular price : $490) You Save 50%

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You probably already know one or two of the secrets, but certainly not all five of them! And, even for those you know, you probably aren’t taking full advantage of them!

This conference is specially designed for dental teams. It will interest all the members of your team, both from a personal and professional perspective.

Discover 5 secrets that will make you a better leader at work and in your private life.

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