Growth Accelerator Program (Treatment acceptance – Generate more new patients)

Ten (10) 1 hour individualised training sessions divided over 4-6 months.

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Is this right for you?

This very effective program is targeted at dentists who want to generate a period of growth in their dental clinic while respecting Professional Codes of Conduct. Dentists can choose to be accompanied by their hygienists, who are involved in consultations, or by other members of their team.

Why is this program so efficient?

Here are the main benefits you’ll get from the Growth Accelerator Program:

  1. Training is 100% focused on your situation
    Each hour of the training program is focused on the different situations you can experience with patients you consult with.

  2. Content that is easy to integrate.
    Instead of being flooded with information over a day-long session, the content is divided over a long period of time (10 one hour sessions over 4 to 6 months).

  3. 100% individualised training
    You are alone, on-line, with your trainer who will focus fully on your needs and your personal context.

  4. You will lose no chair time
    How much does a day of training cost you in salaries and in lost chair time? With this program you will lose no chair time.

  5. No loss of time
    You lose no travel time as you will follow the training on-line, alone with your trainer, via Skype, on your cellphone or using other information technologies.

  6. Very concrete strategies and tools
    These tools are targeted based on your needs and your very specific situations for which you have to deal with.

Program Content

Component 1 - Become a more effective leader during consultations (7 hours)

  1. Become more comfortable with sales vs. professional ethics
  2. Better understand patients dynamics.
  3. Deal with patients who say “I’ll call you back…”
  4. Deal with resigned patients.
  5. Deal with objections about money and uninsured treatments.
  6. Better deal with other objections, such as fear and age...

Component 2 - Generate more consultation (3 hours)

  1. Develop a more effective visibility strategy (maximise results at minimal costs) (ads, web, social media…)
  2. Maximise patient follow-up effectiveness.
  3. Implement better strategies to increase your good references from your patients while respecting professional codes of conduct.


  • $1,950 for the 10 one hour training sessions, including the book Dental Treatment Acceptance as well as documentation. Plus taxes.
  • Additional fees of $200 plus taxes are added for each additional participant (book and documentation included for each person).


  • Training dates are set with each client individually. Minimum of one week and maximum of 3 weeks between each training session.


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