Dental Treatment Quiz:
Can you do better?

The Goal

Whatever the results you’ve obtained in the past for dental treatment acceptance, you can probably do better! This quiz will help you identify the points you need to improve.


For each of the seven questions, choose the statement that best fits what you really do in your dental clinic. Do not choose the statement that corresponds to what you need to do, but rather what you really do.

You’ll find complete chapters dealing with the answers to these questions and other important questions in the book Lead Your Patients to Say “Yes!” to Their Dental Health.

Question :

The right answer:

Your Score

You Obtained: 4/7

The lower your score, the more you can improve! Even if you received a high score, you can always improve the effectiveness of your consultations. The book Lead Your Patients to Say “Yes!” to Their Dental Health is a goldmine of information for dentists and their team members that deal directly with patients. This book will have a positive impact on you and your clinic!

Lead your Patients to Say “Yes!”
to Their Dental Health

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