Jacques Marois


Jacques Marois

Jacques Marois holds an MA in Economics (University of Montreal). He took advanced level courses in Life Coaching from Dave Ellis (www.fallingawake.com) and with the Institute of Life Coaching Training (www.lifecoachtraining.com).

He is passionate about understanding human dynamics. He has done training in psychotherapy and completed psychoanalysis. He has developed his expertise in emotional intelligence, leadership, and success strategies.

The Dentist as a Leader

After having worked for several years with business professionals in various fields, in 2006 he chose to focus his expertise on the development of leadership among dentists.

Jacques Marois’s first book, Dentist and Leader: Inspiring Excellence, was very well received in the dental world.

Jacques Marois’s second book, Lead Your Patients to Say “Yes!” to Their Dental Health, was written in collaboration with France Brouillard.

An Enthusiastic and Effective Professional

Jacques Marois is a very enthusiastic and effective coach and teacher. His greatest pleasure is seeing those around him push for excellence. He is an excellent leadership strategist who likes nothing more than getting his dentist clients to adopt the best strategies for success, whether with their dental teams, with their patients, or in their lives.

I have had the opportunity to observe Jacques on several occasions coaching others, and also experienced coaching from him. He is an extremely masterful coach, more so in his native French, but also in English. Jacques elicits new thinking from his clients with his playful spirit but also from the powerful presence he exhibits.

Patrick Williams, EdD, MCC; CEO, Institute for Life Coach Training